Our Team

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IT, Finance, Sales & Marketing,
and Human Resources. 

Finance, Econometrics, Operations, Sales, and Risk Management. 

Consulting, Communications, Finance, Technology, and Entertainment. 

Business Intelligence & Data Strategy   

Accounting, Compliance, Finance, and Audit. 

Our Story


The consulting industry is fragmented and as a result, it represents inefficiency, high-cost, and lack of repeatability for customers. 


Creating an efficient way to deliver sustainable solutions to customers within the strategic framework of maximized ROI and increased success indexes. 


A company is created where: 

  • There is rapid prototype development for C-level leaders to increase time to value and allow them to execute decisions in an evolving environment.

  • Data Strategists are not biased towards any layer of the business intelligence stack, allowing business managers to make course corrections and discover optimal solutions as they unfold.

Because we thought of embracing the principles of the Samurai and incorporating them into our daily tasks, we named the company Data Samurai