Rapid Prototype Development 

The Process 

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Economic Development 

Leveraging the city's assets to drive growth, creating jobs, and improving quality of life are within the primary goals of the Economic Development Council. These endeavors seem difficult to achieve when the access to clean, multi-source data is limited and fragmented. 

By acquiring valuable, micro and macro-level data and integrating datasets in a purposeful manner, Data Samurai can identify areas of opportunity for development and remediation. 



Data-driven solutions can aid the institution's administration run complex tasks efficiently, improve teachers and students performance, and keep the parent community well-informed in a timely manner.

Organizations in this field can use our analytical tools to improve budget acquisition and government grants, gather intelligence to assess curriculum based on specific variables, or create more points of interaction for the education community and other audiences.


By elevating the value-quality-metrics for out-patient and in-patient services, health care institutions can improve patient outcomes and maximize profitability while creating new offerings that drive revenue streams. 

From the optimization of entry-point through information sharing systems, to generating a better understanding of patient sentiments to offer streamlined messaging, or increase market share over competitors...  

Data Samurai believes the answers are embedded in the data. 

Human Capital 

Analytical tools and advanced visualizations provide HR solutions that help drive business performance, effectively manage workforce, and support the decision framework around profitability and risk. 

Explore third party data to understand staffing trends, monitor human capital and operational data to identify key performance indicators, and assess Equal Opportunity Employer standards to coordinate timely actions with internal functions to optimize the organization. 

Real Estate

Get insight from data that positions you over the competition. From monitoring trends related to offer vs demand and pricing, to integrating demographic data to understand the landscape of your potential customers, our solutions can provide both residential and commercial analyses. 

Data Samurai can also develop applications for end-users and potential buyers such as customized market reports, specific property information (complementary to MLS listings), and other quantitative data. 

Sports Analytics 

Sports Analytics is a strong interest to a growing and increasingly diverse audience. From fans who require accurate statistical information about their favorite teams to personnel, looking to manage their team's performance and aid the management of athletes. 

Regardless of the number of games played throughout a season and high volume of data generated by the minute, we offer a comprehensive, interactive, and intuitive way to compare/contrast and analyze a sport/team/player at different levels, from the micro (play by play) to the macro level (i.e. team comparative histogram). 

However, the applications are vast, we are also participating in innovative data approaches to prevent professional athletes injury through the recognition of red flags that indicate fatigue and propensity to get hurt in order to mitigate that risk.