Data Samurai Streamlined Approach 

Historical Approach

For decades, information technology professionals owned the infrastructure of analytics, and business professionals were responsible for the activities needed to derive insights from the data. As a result, the entire process was performed in functional silos with limited flexibility due to project roadmap prioritization and rigid requirement documents. Furthermore, it was performed as a unilaterallimited and sporadic process that took months or years to deliver results.

Data Samurai's Approach 

Data Samurai Streamlined Approach is defined by accessing, managing, and transforming data from its basic form to tangible value in the organization. This process is not only recurrent, but cyclical and multidisciplinary [below]. It also helps to bridge the gaps between the infrastructure & activities of analytics with sustainable & transparent workflows. Our time to value can also be measured in days or weeks, not months or years. 


The Data Lifecycle across Business Functions 


The Value of Data:
Knowledge Generation
& Decision-Making

Every business activity generates data, whether a process is taking place internally or externally. 

The Data Lifecycle affects all business functions across the organization and it is in constant transformation. 

Data Samurai provides the  organization with the opportunity to embed analytics into operational, strategic, or long-term decisions in a systematic and repeatable way.

This process is known as Value-Driven Analytics.